VP - 1

VP1 Picture

The VP-1 first appeared in Mechanix Illustrated in 1969. Since then more than 6000 sets of plans have been sold. One of the easiest to build aircraft. The VP-1 is built from wood and is fabric covered. Rugged gear design is great for sod strips. Foldable wings make for easy towing. Can be built as open or enclosed cockpit.

Span 24'
Length 18'
Engine 1600 50HP VW
Empty Weight 440 LBS
Useful Load 210 LBS
Wing Area 10 SQ. FT.
Seats 1

Take Off Distance n/a
Stall 40 MPH
Landing Speed 48 MPH
Cruise 75 MPH
Rate Of Climb 600 FPM

The VP-1 is available from:
Evans Aircraft Company
Box 231762
Encinitas, CA 92023

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