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Dear Prospective SONERAI Builder:

I want to thank you personally for taking the time to consider the "SONERAI FAMILY" of sport aircraft as your potential project of choice. The Sonerai family offers one of the best values in terms of dollars spent for performance in today's sport aircraft market.

Parts are available for all of the different Sonerai's. The Sonerai I is a single place aerial sports car. It uses a 1600cc - 2276cc VW based engine. The Original Sonerai II is a two-place tandem aircraft. It is available as a mid-wing taildragger, a low-wing taildragger, or as a low-wing tri-gear. The Original Sonerai II can utilize VW based engine's from 1700 - 2276cc. Finishing out the Sonerai Family of Sport Aircraft is the Sonerai II "S" series (S stands for STRETCH). The Sonerai II-S is 18" longer than the Original Sonerai II. The Stretch model gives the passenger an additional 6" of room. The Sonerai II-Stretch is available as a two place low-wing taildragger, or as a two place, low-wing tri-gear. The Sonerai II-Stretch uses a VW 2180 or 2276cc VW based engine only. This is due to the increased useful load of the Stretch Series.

Please take your time to study the information enclosed on the different Sonerai Aircraft. We think you will agree that even after 30+ years the Sonerai Family of Sport Aircraft are still among the finest sport aircraft available today.


Fred Keip

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