Don Archangeli's Sonerai!
Photos are the Courtesy of
Don Archangeli
of Saginaw, Michigan!

Elevator Construction

Welding the fuselage
Welding the

Fuselage on landing gear
Welded fuselage
on landing gear

Tail Assembly (Empennage)

Forming Blocks Skinned Wings
Wing Rib Forming Blocks Wings Skinned

Wing Spar Wing Spar

Wing Rib Wing Rib
Forming Block

Fuselage Spars & Landing Gear
Fuselage with spars and landing gear.

covered fuselage
Covered & tail pieces.

Instrument Panel
Instrument Panel

Almost Complete
Almost ready...
Fuselage covered, cowling & canopy installed!

On the trailer!
On the trailer and ready to fly!

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