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The Sonerai series of homebuilt aircraft represent an excellent return on money invested.

Fuselage constuction is 4130 steel tubing with fabric covering and the wings are made out of 2024-T3 aluminum.

The Sonerai I enjoys an excellent reputation for strength, speed and agility. It can handle +/- 6 G's with the "S" wing and will do 170 mph flat out with a Great Plains 2180cc engine.

The Sonerai II, The Original Design, is perhaps the most versatile VW powered homebuilt ever conceived. It is a 2 place (tandem) aircraft available as a mid-wing taildragger, a low-wing taildragger, and a low-wing tri-gear.

The Sonerai II Stretch, which is 18" longer than "The Original Design", is available as a low-wing taildragger and a low-wing tri-gear.

The Sonerai II and II Stretch is rated at +/- 4 G's at full gross or +/- 6 G's solo (750 pound maximum). With a VW 2180 or 2276cc engine it speeds through the sky at 140+ mph at full gross!

Average cost to build is $20,000 and a construction time of 800 to 1,000 hours.

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