Any Type 1 VW built from June, 2003 to 2004

This Service Bulletin applies to all Type 1 engines, but with specific attention to engines or engine kits procurred from June of 2003 through the current date.

In late 2003, a customer called and stated that his flywheel was leaking and was loose on the crankshaft after 10 hours of running. He checked the fit of the flywheel to the dowel pins and reassembled the engine.

About 10 hours later, the same problem ocurred to the same customer. At the time no probable cause or cure was found.

In July of 2004, a different customer called with the same problem.

After further inestigation, it has been determined that the probable cause of the flywheels coming loose is a sub-standard flywheel gland nut. The gland nuts had stretched under load and lost their torque value. If you have had this problem occur, the gland nut should be replaced with a 4130 or 4340 steel gland nut.

If your engine has over 50 hours on it and has never experienced this specific problem, it most likely will not in the future.

The replacement gland nut is $23.95, plus $4.95 postage in the US. Also includes a new washer.

All kits and engines from Great Plains from August, 2004 contain the new gland nut.

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