Tools are non-returnable

36mm Socket 36mm Socket.

Socket is used on the flywheel gland nut.

For 1/2" drive.
36mm Socket #0203. . . $6.95

Adjustable Oil Pressure Regulator Oil Pressure Regulator

Allows you to boost the oil pressure to desired level.
Oil Pressure Regulator #0196

Great Plains CC Kit
CC Kit This is used to measure the volume in the cylinder head. The kit comes with a 60cc syringe and Plexi-glass plate with hole. The plate fits cylinders heads machined for 85.5, 92 and 94mm cylinders. With this kit you will know the exact volume in your cylinder heads, so no guessing when it comes to figuring your compression ratio. Includes instructions for use.
Premium CC Kit 85.5, 92mm or 94mm(specify in checkout comments) # 0159. . . . $25.95, includes instructions for use

Crankshaft 8 Dowel Drill Guide
Drill Guide Crankshaft 8 Dowel Drill Guide. This tool assists with the drilling of the dowel pins in the crankshaft.
Crankshaft 8 Dowel Drill Guide #0205. . . . $25.50

Crank Gear Puller #0206. . . . $89.79

Distributor Drive Puller
Distributor Drive Puller Distributor Drive Puller. Easily removes and installs the pinion gear. Note: When installing pinion gear, after the engine has been assembled, the pinion washers must be installed prior to the pinion gear.
Distributor Drive Puller #0207. . . . $47.95
Plus Freight

End Play Tool
End Play Tool Accurately measures crankshaft end play without splitting the case.
End Play Tool #0208. . . $22.50

Engine Assembly Stand
Engine Assembly Stand Mounts to most work benches and rotates 360 degrees and can stop in any position with lock.
Engine Assembly Stand #0210

Flywheel Lock Flywheel Lock

Holds flywheel in place so that you can install both flywheel and prop hub.
Lock #0211. . $8.95

Oil Pump Puller Oil Pump Puller

This handy tool makes removing the oil pump easier.
Oil Pump Puller #0189

Pushrod Tool.
Pushrod Tool.

This tool will correctly measure the length you need to make the pushrods. Anytime you add .040" (or more) in deck shims, you need to make custom length pushrods.
Pushrod Tool #0209 . . . $14.95

Ring Compressor Ring Compressor.

Use this ring compressor for an easy installation of the piston rings. For 92-94mm Pistons.
Ring Compressor #0146. . . $5.95

Valve Lifter Retaining Clips Valve Lifter Retaining Clips.

Set of 2, holds lifters in place when installing studless side of case to stud side.
Valve Lifter Retaining Clips #0212
$4.95 a pair

Tool Kit for the VW.

Set consists of one each: 36mm Socket, Premium CC Kit, Distributor Drive Puller, End Play Tool, Engine Assembly Stand, Flywheel Lock, Oil Pump Puller, Pushrod Tool, Ring Compressor and Valve Lifter Retaining Clips.
VW Tool Kit #0213

10mm Spark Plug tool.

10mm Spark Plug tool #0171

Prop tape
This tape can be added to your prop to protect the leading edge. 3 FT. LENGTH

Prop tape #0102

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