Normal Engine Operational Limitations!


Engine Idle RPM 600 - 800 RPM
Cruise RPM 3200 +/- 200
Maximum RPM 3600
Minimum oil temperature 160°F
Maximum oil temperature 230°F
Cruise oil temperature 200°F
Minimum oil pressure at cruise 23 PSI
Maximum oil pressure at cruise 70 PSI
Maximum oil pressure - cold 100 PSI
Cylinder head temperature at cruise 350°-375°F
Cylinder head temperature during climb 420°F (5 min)
Do not exceed cylinder head temperature 450°F
Exhaust gas temperature at cruise 1150°F
Do not exceed exhaust gas temperature 1500°F

Never use aviation oil in your VW engine. The oil passages in the VW are quite small in relation to a certified aircraft engine. During cold weather, your engine must be preheated prior to starting.

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