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Front Drive Engine Accessory Package
and Dual Ignition Package

4220 Magneto Accessory Package
4220 Accessory Package Included in this Direct Drive Package is the 4220 Magneto Accessory Package. It features electric starting, a 35 amp 3 phase alternator and a single Slick Magneto. The Diehl Accessory case has a top or bottom starter position. The 9 o clock Case may be substituted for an additional cost.
Diehl Accessory Case -
Bottom or Top Mount
Add $90 for 9 o'clock Starter Position
Mag Drive Hub

Mag Drive Puck
35 Amp 3 Phase
Flywheel (4 dowel)
(Add $15 for 8 dowel)
Compact Y Intake Manifold and Hose Kit
Oil Cooler and Adapter Plate Diehl Bolt Kit Spark Plug Adapters &
Bosch Spark Plugs
Add 9 O'Clock starter postion . . . $90.00
Add 8 dowel flywheel . . . $15.00

Great Plains Secondary Accessory Package
Secondary Ignition Also included in this GPASC Engine Package is our Great Plains Secondary Ignition Package. It is a Fixed Timed Secondary and is pre-set to 25-28 degrees. It is the lowest height ignition system available, rising only 1.250 inches off the engine block.

This unit is placed in the Distributor Hole.
Distributor Housing Coil Set Hall Effect Sensors
Spark Plug Wires
Cut to length
Heads machined for Dual Ignition Instructions

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