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Belt Driven Alternator Belt Driven Alternator

The alternator is driven by a pulley off the prop hub or the flywheel (pulley supplied by customer). This unit weighs only 6.5 lbs and will produce about 40 amps. Turns either directions.
Belt Driven Alternator #0369. . . $119.95

Heavy Duty Magneto Ignition Switch Heavy Duty Magneto Ignition Switch

This heavy duty mag switch features on/off/start and run positions. Comes with 2 keys, in case you're like me, and loose one. Switch can be used with or without a starter.
Will NOT work with Bosch 009 12 VDC distributor.
Installation Instructions Mag Switch #0371. . . $177.95

CD Solenoid CD Solenoid

This Continuous Duty Solenoid is rated for 80 amps. It has three terminals and is battery positive actuated. Has a bracket for mounting on the firewall and should be mounted close to the battery.

This acts as a Master Switch for the electrical system.
CD Solenoid #0370. . . $39.95

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