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Diehl Accessory Case and Components
for your VW Engine!

Diehl Accessory Case Picture

Since 1979, the Diehl Accessory Case has been providing accessory attachment and engine vibration isolation for VW powered homebuilt aircraft. The Diehl Accessory Case is very distinct from others that are manufactured by other companies.

The Accessory Case is made from Almag, not just magnesium. This gives the case much more flexibility and retards ignition. Ever seen magnesium burn? Sparklers!

Our NEW Flywheel is made from 100% steel. Experience has shown that many aluminum flywheels will fail around the dowel pin holes. In 30 years, we have not had one known flywheel fatigue failure from cracking. Our Direct Drive flywheels are machined, balanced, and weight about 6 pounds. They are the lightest steel flywheels available today.

We were the first to initiate the use of a Geared Hi-Torque Starter for positive engine starting. Our competitors of course followed. Our geared starter provides 4 times the cranking power when compared to the older non geared starters. The Diehl Accessory Case utilizes a 109 tooth ring gear. A VW Starter does not fit with the Diehl Accessory Case.

We introduced the moulded ceramic based Magnet Ring for our alternator. We have improved this with our new 35 AMP - 3 phase internal alternator.

You can order the entire unit as a package and save a few dollars or you can order the items individually. The flywheel is available to fit either 4 or 8 dowel crankshafts.

The Complete Diehl Accessory Case Package includes the following:
Bottom Mount
Diehl Accessory Case
35 Amp
3 Phase
Regulator/Rectifier Flywheel
(4 dowel)
Mag Drive Hub Mag Drive Starter Case Bolts
Complete, Bottom Mount Starter Package #0305
Price . . . $904.88

Complete, Top Mount Starter Package #0306
Price . . . $904.88

Add $15.00 for 8 Dowel Flywheel
Complete, 9 O'Clock Mount Starter Package #0307
Price . . . $1074.95

Add $10.00 for 8 Dowel Flywheel

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Also Available Individually:
Diehl Accessory Case
Bottom Mount Starter! #0308
Diehl Accessory Case
Top Mount Starter! #0309
Diehl Accessory Case
9 O'Clock Mount Starter! #0310
Light Geared Starter
Weighs 8 lbs. #0324
4 Dowel Flywheel #0311
8 Dowel Flywheel #0312
35 AMP Alternator (with Reg/Rect) #0313
Installation Instructions
Replacement Regulator/Rectifier #0314
Replacement Stator #0317
Replacement Rotor #0316
Mag Puck 1/2 inch #0318
Mag Puck 3/4 inch #0319
Mag Puck 1 inch #0320
Mag Puck 1-1/4 inch #0321
Mag Hub #0322
Bolt Kit #0323

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