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Engine Case Parts!

Pipe Plugs
Pipe Plugs Pipe Plugs.

If you want all of the oill galley plugs removed in the engine case and drilled and tapped for pipe plugs, you will need a set of these aluminum pipe plugs.
Pipe Plugs #0094. . . $11.90

Dipstick Fits all Type 1 Engines!
Dipstick #0051 . . . $5.25

Cam Plug
Cam Plug Choose from the standard steel cam plug for cases that have the groove machined in
or the newer rubber cam plug for cases without the O Ring groove OR our new Billet O-Ring Cam Plug.
Standard Cam Plug Steel #0091. . . $2.10
Cam Plug Rubber #0092 . . . $3.20
Cam Plug Billet with O Ring #0093 . . . $8.95

Engine Case Kit
Engine Case Kit Contains all the small parts needed to assembly your new engine case. Included are 2 oil pressure plungers, 2 springs, 2 retaining screws, lower case block off plate, oil pump studs and miscellaneous small parts.
Engine Case Kit #0085. . . $15.95
Premium Engine Case Kit with 2 Hex Plugs #0086 . . . $25.95

Engine Case Locknut Kit
Engine Case Locknut Kit Includes 6 each 12 X1.5 lock nuts and washers, 24 each 8mm locknuts and washers and 6 each 6mm cap nuts.
Engine Case Locknut Kit #0089. . . $14.95

Gasket Set with Rear Seal
Gasket Set Includes all gaskets and seals necessary to rebuild or assembly your engine. Includes pushrod tube seals, oil pump gaskets, valve cover gaskets etc.
Gasket Set with Rear Seal #0095 . . . $19.95

Gasket Set without Rear Seal
Gasket set without rear seal. Gasket Set without Rear Seal #0096 . . . $14.99

Rear Seal (Only)
Rear Seal The genuine red silicone rear seal. Not the cheap imitation black one. Install a new one each time the case is split or flywheel is removed.
Rear Seal #0097 . . . $4.50

Super Rear Seal (Only)
Super Rear Seal This PLS (Polytetrafluoroethylene Lip Seal) will run with 50 - 85 percent less friction than a stock VW eal, reducing parasitic power losses and releasing some fractional horsepower.
Super Rear Seal #0098. . . $49.95

Main Bearing Dowel Pins
Dowel Pins Not a big item, but you can't put an engine together without using them. Holds main bearings in place. Sold in set of five.
Main Bearing Dowel Pins #0090 . . . $3.50

Single OPR Kit
Single OPR Single Oil Pressure Relief for single bypass case.
Single Oil Pressure Relief (OPR) Kit #0087 . . . $3.95
Click here for Installation Instructions!

Dual OPR Kit
Dual OPR

Dual Oil Pressure Relief for dual bypass case.

Click here for Installation Instructions!

Dual Oil Pressure Relief (OPR) Kit #0088 . . . $5.50

Distributor Plug
Distributor Plug

Distributor Plug fits in the hole where the standard Bosch 009 distributor would go, which is used as oil fill on some conversions.

Distributor Plug #0197 . . . $28.95

Sta-Dri Engine Breather
Sta-Dri Engine Breather
Great Plains Sta-Dri Engine Case Breather mounts on top of the engine where the generator or alternator would mount in a car. Can also be used as oil fill.
Sta-Dri Engine Breather #0041. . . $34.95

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