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Carburetors for your VW Engine!

Carbs - Model 11/1617 There are several excellent carb's on the market today. Some favor ease of installation over others on existing aircraft. Our engine kits do not come with a carburetor, we do not want to force you to purchase a carb you may not need or want to use.
Our carb's are available in 4 different, but similar models. Model 11, 1617 (shown above), 1819 (Pictured below) and our newest carb - the 2122. All carb's share the following features: cable controlled choke, low speed idle bleed screw, mid to high range adjustable mixture control, idle adjustment screw, replacement venturis and float bowl vent to help prevent vapor lock.
Carbs - Model 1821 We recommend the use of either an electric or mechanical fuel pump. All carbs can be used without a fuel pump if you have at least .5 pounds of fuel pressure by gravity feed and flow a minimum of 10 to 12 gallons per hour at your highest angle of attack. If you are going to run auto fuel, we recommend a fuel pump be used.

Model 11 is for use on 1/2 VW conversion only (updraft). #0223 $393.89
Installation Instructions

Model 1617 is for use on 1600 -1700cc engines only (updraft) #0224 $393.89
Installation Instructions

Model 1819 is for use on 1835 - 1915cc engines only (updraft) #0225 $464.33
Installation Instructions

Model 2122 is for use on 2180 - 2276cc engines only (updraft) #0226 $474.09
Installation Instructions

Rebuild Kit for above carbs (we need 5 digit code from carb tag) #0227 ...$39.95

Air Filter
For use with the Model 1819 or 2122 Carb. Filter has 2" OD throat.

#0228 Price . . . $11.80
Air Filter

Stock VW 34 PICT Carb.

This 34 PICT carburetor is perfect for down draft engines that are 1915cc- 2276cc. Commonly used on some Nieuport 11 type aircraft, Tennie Two, Flagor Sky Scooter etc. It features a electric choke and does not have a mixture control option.

Stock VW 34 PICT Carb. #0229
. . . $149.95

Dual Port End Castings kit.

These Dual Port End Castings Kit are used with dual port cylinder heads. They are required for the VW style intake manifold kit shown below. The kit features 2 dual port castings, 2 couplers and gaskets.

Dual Port End Castings kit #0230
. . . $79.95
Urethane Replacement Boots (each) #0231
. . . $4.20

34mm Carb, Air Filter & Intake.

This 34mm Carb, Air Filter and Intake Kit can be used on Direct or Redrive Engines that can use a top mounted carb and intake manifold. Kit includes 34mm carb, air filter, 2 intake castings, hose & clamps, intake crossover tube and miscellaneous jets.

34mm Carb, Air Filter & Intake. #0232
. . . $359.95

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