Parts required for 1835cc to 2180cc Upgrades
We offer the 1835 to 2180cc or 1915 to 2276cc upgrade parts. But, this is the most popular upgrades completed. You add 13mm of stroke to the engine which will make your aircraft a real performer. This upgrade kit will change your horsepower from 60 to 70 continuous. In terms of pitch increase with the same diameter you can add up to 6 inches additional pitch. The real benefit of this upgrade is in rate of climb.

An 1835 and 1915cc has a 69mm crankshaft, while the 2180 or 2276cc have an 82mm crankshaft. This upgrade requires our exclusive Force One prop hub and crankshaft set up made by Great Plains Aircraft. It is the strongest combination available for the Do It Yourself person on the market today.

In addition to the parts listed below, you will need to send your case, rods and cam to the machine shop we recommend for approximately $300.00 of additional machine work.
Upgrade Kit Picture
These parts are required for an Upgrade:
92mm Piston &
Cylinder Set
Main Bearings Rod Bearings
Tapering of Crankshaft
to match Prop Hub
GPASC Force One Main
Bearing & Seal Kit
GPASC Force One Prop
Gasket Set Rear Seal Cam Bearings
Cam Plug GPASC 82mm Forged Crankshaft GPASC Assembly Manual and Dvd's
Lock Nut Kit Cylinder Shims Pushrod Tubes
1835 to 2180cc or 1915 to 2276cc upgrade parts
1835 to 2180cc or 1915 to 2276cc upgrade parts #0034


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