1600cc to 1835cc to 1915cc Upgrade Parts Required
BUT, if you want to convert your 1600cc to an 1835cc or and 1915cc - you will require these upgrade parts. This is one of the most practical and least expensive upgrades. You are adding only bore to the engine, therefore utilizing most of the other components. An upgrade kit will change your engine from a 1600cc 50 HP engine to a 1835cc 60 HP engine or a 1915cc 65hp engine. In terms of pitch increase added to the same diameter propeller, you can turn 4 more inches or keep the same prop for a greater rate of climb.

You will need to send your engine case and cylinders heads to a machine shop to have them machined out for 92mm cylinders. This usually costs an additional $100.00 (approximately) in addition to the items listed below.

These parts convert an existing engine that is already converted for aircraft use.
The kit should include the following:
92mm Piston &
Cylinder Set
Main Bearings Cam Plug Rod Bearings
Gasket Set Rear Seal Cam Bearings Cylinder Shims
GPASC Assembly Manual and Dvd's Locknut Kit
1600cc to 1835cc or 1915cc Upgrade Parts
Upgrade Kit Picture
1600cc to 1835cc or 1915cc Upgrade Parts #0033


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