Valve Adjustment Procedures!

Valve Adjustment Procedures

1. Engine must be cold. Do not adjust valves if engine has been run and is still warm. Remove spark plugs.

2. Bring #1 cylinder up to tdc (top dead center). Watch the rocker arm. When the intake valve closes, the piston with be at bdc (bottom dead center). Rotate engine until piston comes up to tdc. When piston is at tdc on #1 cylinder, the prop hub tdc mark should be centered on the split line of your engine case.

3. Loosen up rocker arm adjuster nut with a 13mm wrench. Insert a .008" feeler gauge between the valve head and the adjuster screw. Screw in adjuster screw so that it is tight on the .008" feeler gauge. The .006" feeler gauge should slide in and out freely. If not readjust accordingly.

4. Repeat procedure for other valve on the same cylinder and then rotate engine until next cylinder is at tdc and repeat procedure. Remember, the piston needs to be at tdc and both valves closed.

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