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Parts identification:
8 pushrods with one end installed
8 pushrod ends

1. With deck height shims installed, cylinder on and piston at TDC (Top Dead Center), install cylinder head.

2. Bolt cylinder head on with the 2 center studs, top and bottom. Torque to 18 ft. lbs.

>3. Make or purchase adjustable pushrod. To make one, simply cut off a pushrod about 1" from an end. Drill and tap the hole for an 8/32" all thread rod.

4. Put pushrod in hole in cylinder head for the cylinder you are going to measure. Intake or exhaust is OK.
Note: other cylinder will have to be in place, but does not need a piston in it.

5. Put rocker arm on and bolt in place. Torque to 14 ft. lbs.

6. Put .006" feeler gauge between valve stem pad and rocker arm adjusting screw.

7. Screw out pushrod until it contacts rocker arm socket.
Note: all thread rod should have rounded end like pushrod.

8. Remove rocker arm and measure pushrod length. Make all pushrods the same length. It is not necessary to measure each cylinder for pushrod length.

9. Measure length of pushrod end and cut pushrod to length. Be sure to debur the hole inside the pushrod - re-drill with a #7 drill bit.

10. Press in the pushrod end. Re-measure to insure the correct length. (Pushrod end is .002" larger than I.D. of pushrod.)

11. For a final check, blow through the pushrod. You should be able to blow through it.

12. Prime pushrod before installing. This is not necessary but helps get oil sooner to the valve train. Simply lay pushrods in a flat pan with a 1/4" of oil in it over night.

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