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1. This case has not been cleaned. We recommend that you take the case to a high pressure car wash to thoroughly clean all the metal out of the case.

2. Case should be painted to prevent checking of magnesium. We recommend either flat black enamel or grey (see below). This will help dissipate the heat.

3. Notice on the rear left or right of the case at the lower corner there is an 1/8" pipe plug hole. This the location of the oil temperature sender.

4. Verify before assembly that the case halves have the 2 mating dowel pins installed for alignment.

5. An option for you is to drill and tap all of the plugged holes in the engine case. These are either 1/8", 1/4" or 3/8" pipe fittings. Plug holes with appropriate plug.

6. Prior to assembly, remove all flashing from both the exterior and interior of the case and from the case half parting lines.

NOTE: Case can be painted with a mixture of enamel paint thinned with a gas - 50/50 mixture.

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