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1. The cylinder heads must be machined for the second set of spark plugs. We can machine either 14mm or 10mm spark plugs for the second plug set.

2. The case must have two 10/32" holes drilled and tapped into the engine case. The tapped holes should be 90° degrees apart. Hole #1 must go into the oil "O" ring slot of the housing. Hole #2 goes 90 degrees to the left in the distributor base lip of the case.

3. Bring the number 1 cylinder up to 28° degrees before TDC (Top Dead Center). Sitting in the cockpit, this will be the right front cylinder.

4. Time the secondary ignition module. To do this, connect the red wire to 12 volts positive (the ignition unit must be grounded to work). Connect one lead of a 12 volt test lamp to the white wire for the module that time the front 2 cylinders (cylinders 1 & 3). Connect the other end of the 12 volt test light to 12 volts positive. Rotate the magnet by turning the distributor drive tangs. When the light goes out, module #1 is timed. Scribe a mark on the module and magnet rotor that can be used to line up cylinders #1 & #3 when installing secondary ignition housing. Note: Do not have coils hooked up at this time and do not have power running to the coils yet!

5. Notice where the drive tangs of the ignition module are in relation to being timed for cylinders #1 & #3. Install the distributor drive pinion gear in the engine case. The thrust washer must be placed in the case prior to installing the pinion gear. Use white grease on the washer and slide it down a screwdriver in to the pinion hole. Center it with the screwdriver. Install the tangs of the secondary ignition housing. The pinion must be installed 1 tooth back from where you think it should be. When you slide the pinion in to engage the distributor drive pinion gear on the crankshaft it will turn in a clockwise rotation when it is pushed in the hole.

6. When installation is complete, re-time the first module to the engine using the timing light. Rotate the housing to time it. When finished, install two screws to hold the secondary housing in place.

Note: Do not have coils hooked up at this time.

7. Using timing disc, rotate the engine 180° degrees to 28° degrees before BTDC (Before Top Dead Center). Hook up the 12 volt timing light to the second module, loosen the screws that hold the module in place. Move the module in the direction required to turn off the light. When timed, secure the module. Timing is now complete.

NOTES CONCERNING USE: The coils must be mounted in a position where you can direct cooling air on them. If mounted on the back of the accessory case, the coils must be insulated from the case. They must be grounded to the engine. The maximum operating temperature of the coils is 180°F. degrees. Keep them cool.

See wiring diagram for installation.

The secondary ignition system must not be on when the engine is started. Remember it is timed between 25° to 28° degrees BTDC (before top dead center). It does not have an advance mechanism. You should have the secondary ignition system on a separate switch. It will not work on a dual mag switch.

· The front two cylinders are #1 & #3.
· The rear two are #2 & #4.
· The first module fires the cylinders #1 & #3 - white wire.
· The second module fires cylinders #2 & #4 - black wire.
· Coil #1 fires cylinder #1 & #3.
· Coil #2 fires cylinders #2 & #4.

Timing Disc & Wiring Diagram

The timing disc above is useful for timing all VW conversions using a 5" diameter prop hub. Use 25 degress BTDC (before top dead center) for all engines larger than 2180cc. Use 28 degrees BTDC for all engines up to 2180cc. Depending upon which cylinder you are using for your #1, the key way as shown may be in a different position. This disc is for Slick 4016, 4216 or 4316 magentos and Bosch 009 Distributor.

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