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1. Select rod bearings to match crankshaft O.D. Be sure to measure crankshaft at each station, especially on re-ground crankshafts.

2. Using a scraper, take the edge off of each rod bearing. A razor blade will work fine.

3. Verify the size of each rod bearing before installing in rod cap and shank.

4. Lube rod bearings and side of rod using Engine Assembly Lube.

5. Install rod so that the forging mark on the rod will face up.

6. Torque rod down to 7 ft. lbs, then 15 ft. lbs. And finally 24 ft. lbs.

7. After each increase in torque, make sure rod rotates.

8. Using a punch, lock washer on nut. Place into slot on rod cap.

9. Check side play of rod. Distance between rod and crank should be between .008" and .016".

Note: New rod nuts are not punched. Use locktite.

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