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1. Measure top ring to select correct size ring. As several companies manufacture replacement rings, it is very important that you have the correct size.

2. Your cylinders should be honed if you are re-ringing. A cross hatch is desired. Most machine shops can do this for a minimal fee.

3. Your cylinders must be scrubbed out with soap, water and Ajax cleaner. Dry immediately and paint the outside of the cylinders with flat/gloss black enamel paint mixed 50/50 with gas. Now wipe the inside of the cylinder with automatic transmission fluid. Leave a light film.

4. Pistons should be thoroughly cleaned, especially in the ring grove's. Wash pistons with soap, water and Ajax also.

5. Check ring end gap by installing the rings in a cylinder and using a piston to square the rings up in the cylinder. Minimum gap is .012" or manufacturer's directions.

6. Install rings on pistons per manufacturers directions for end gap spacing.

Note: Rings for 92mm cylinders are available in 1.5mm and 2.0mm for the top ring. It is important that you measure the ring when replacing them.

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