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1. Clean pistons and cylinders with a degreaser.

2. Wash pistons and cylinders with Ajax or Comet.

3. Dry pistons and cylinders immediately.

4. If you are going to paint the cylinders, use enamel paint mixed 50/50 with gas.

5. Coat inside of cylinders with light weight oil only. Use 30w oil.

6. Pistons are stock balanced within 5 grams. Now is the time to do additional balancing if you wish.

7. Install rings on piston per instructions: top ring at 1:00, second ring at 7:00,top oil ring at 11:00,bottom oil ring at 5:00.

8. Lightly lubricate rings and pistons with oil.

9. Install pistons in cylinders, check to see that you have a minimum of 12 thousands end gap at the rings.

10. Install one of the wrist pin circlips to the inside of the piston.

11. Install piston and cylinder assembly to rod for deck height measurement.

12. Install deck height shim to engine case with silicone sealant on both sides.

13. Install wrist pin through piston and rod.

14. Install second wrist pin keeper.

15. Mate cylinder to deck height shim.Make sure there is silicone sealer between 'deck height shim and cylinder

Note: Make sure arrow on piston points towards the flywheel end.

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