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1. This oil pump is for use on 3 rivet or 3 bolt camshafts only. It will also only fit engines that have 8mm studs. It will not work on engines that have 6mm oil pump studs.

2. With case halves apart, install oil pump body first in one half of the case and then the other to verify that the inlet and outlet holes in the oil pump line up with the inlet and outlet holes. Contact should be 90% or greater. You can use a large drill bit to chamfer (radius it) the edges of the inlet and outlet on the oil pump body only.

3. With case halves together, install pump body. Measure the length of the shaft of the drive gear. You now need to measure the distance the drive gear shaft will go back into the camshaft slot. This measurement is made from the thrust surface of the oil pump housing to the back of the camshaft slot. Subtract .020 for end play. This is the distance the drive gear shaft should be. If you need to make it longer, put the drive gear in a vise or a press and drive or press the shaft out to the proper length. Note: pump should be installed prior to torquing the case halves together.

4. Do not make the shaft too long. This will cause excessive wear on the oil pump cover and bind the engine.

5. Install the secondary gear and oil pump cover plate. Do not use RTV (sealer) in this area.


A1. When using a remote oil filter adapter the oil pump outlet side will have to be plugged. Standing in front of the engine the outlet side of the oil pump is on the left. The pump outlet is usually tapped for a 1/4" pipe plug. Install plug in pump and grind off plug even with oil pump body.

B2. The remote outlet oil pump cover plate is only installed with the outlet on the cover plate pointing to the left (standing in front of the engine).

C3. The engine case will need to be drilled and tapped with a 3/8" pip tap. Follow the oil angle. You will see a large plug installed in the case. This plug is drilled and tapped for 3/8" pipe thread. The oil goes from the pump to the filter and back to the case to this 3/8" pipe thread hole.

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