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1. Crankshaft threads should be free of oil and dirt.

2. Gland nut threads should be free of oil and dirt.

3. If you are using an 8 dowel flywheel, be sure and use the correct washer. The washer should cover the dowel pin holes in the flywheel.

4. If using an "O" ring type flywheel, be sure "O" ring is in place.

5. If you measured your end play with a flywheel gasket, be sure that the gasket is in place on crankshaft.

6. Lightly coat mating surface of flywheel with 3H Permetex to prevent any oil leakage out of dowel pins.

7. Use locktite on gland nut. With flywheel, rear seal and flywheel shims in place, screw gland nut with washer under it down on to flywheel. Do not use nut to pull down flywheel. Torque to 150 ft. lbs. Check rotation. If ok, torque to 220 ft. lbs. This is a must!!!!!

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