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1. Measure the O.D. Of the Force One main bearing.

2. Bolt case halves together. All bolts and nuts.

3. Set case up for boring with the nose of the case up.

4. Find the exact center of the case.

5. Machine the case halve out so the case will have .0005" crush on each side of the Force One Main Bearing (.001" total).

6. The dowel pin hole will have to be drilled deeper to fit the Force One main bearing after the case machining operation.

7. Make sure that the Force One main bearing clears the nose of the case. (.005" is required.)

8. Make sure that the oil feed hole in the Force One main bearing lines up with the pressure feed hole in the case.

9. Check clearance of the distributor drive pinion gear to the bearing.

10. Seals are pressed into place prior to case closure. Only press in to the rear of the snap ring grove.

11. Use Locktite bearing retainer compound on the o.d. of the seals prior to installing them

Note: Use a 19mm or 21mm oil pump with the Force One main bearing and seal.

Note: Use only 30W oil or 10W-30 automotive oil. Never use aviation oil.

Use Locktite 518 case sealer for the case halves.

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