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1. To measure end play.

a. Bolt case halves together using only 2 large nuts. Be sure to use a washer under nuts.

b. Bolt flywheel or flywheel end piece on to crankshaft. Torque to 200 ft. lbs.

c. Remove case half and install .004 feeler gauge in front of #1 main bearing.

d. Using feeler gauge, measure space between back of #1 bearing and flywheel.

2. After finding the correct end play shims, insert them in to the space between the rear of the #1 bearing and the flywheel to confirm size.

3. Bolt case back together and remove flywheel.

Note: If you are using a paper or metal gasket it must be installed before measuring end play.

We recommend that the you use a silicone sealant on the mating surface of the flywheel to crankshaft to prevent any oil leeks between the flywheel and the crankshaft. The flywheel should be torqued to 220 ft. lbs. Be sure to use locktite on gland nut. If you are using an 8 dowel crankshaft, do not use a stock gland nut washer - order a Great Plains 8d washer.

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