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Installation of the Crankshaft Gears
Instructional Movie
1.Parts identification:
A. Camshaft timing gear
B. Spacer
C. Distributor drive gear
D. Snap ring
E. Oil slinger
F. Large woodruff key
G. Small woodruff key
2. Install #3 main bearing using moly lube. Be sure that the dowel pin hole is facing the flywheel end.

3. Install large woodruff key in large slot in crankshaft.

4. Install cam timing gear. Make sure that the 2 dots on timing gear face toward the propeller end of the engine.

5. Gears should be installed by heating gears - directly on a stove top.

6. Install the spacer.

7. Install the distributor drive gear.

8. Install the snap ring.

9. Install the #4 main bearing. Be sure the dowel pin hole is on flywheel end.

10. Install the oil slinger. *Cut a series of slots in slinger so you have 3 tabs 1/4" deep and at 120° degrees to each other and about an 1/8" in width. Bend these tabs forward so that the prop hub will mesh with the tabs to lock the slinger in place.

11. Install prop hub.

*Note: for Standard Taper Hub only.

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