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MODELs 11, 1617 & 1821

This carb does require carburetor heat. The heat box should be installed in front of the carb and fresh air in front of the carb heat box. Do not use a motorcycle type air filter as most are to small and will result in poor carburetor operation.

Mount the carb to flange with gasket provided. The throttle can be installed on either side of the carb and can be pulled or pushed, depending upon the position of the throttle arm.

Fuel can be fed to the carb in three different locations. Be sure the pipe plugs in the fuel inlet openings not used are tight.

The idle mixture control is located just below the flange. Main mixture control is located on the bottom of the float bowl. It is a "T" handle.

If you plan on having cockpit adjustable mixture control, most builders use a speedometer cable. On the "T" handle end swedge or braze a tube with a slot in one end that slips over the "T" handle. The other end in the cockpit will have a knob.

For initial adjustment screw the T handle all the way in and then about 4 complete turns out. Maximum out is 6 complete turns.

If your engine runs to lean with the needle 5 to 6 turns out, remove the float bowl and drill out using wire gauge drill bits or a carb jet reamer the small jet in the bottom of the bowl. Drill just a few thousandths at a time. (.122" IS MAXIMUM DIAMETER OF FUEL METERING HOLE IN THE JET) ON MODEL 1821 ONLY

If you do not use the choke, either disable it or remove it from the carburetor.

If you plan on using auto fuel, we recommend the use of a fuel pump.

On the bottom of the carb is a fuel vent for overflow. We suggest you connect a hose to this and vent it out the bottom of your cowling.

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