The Affordable VW Powered Bi-Plane!

The Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane was designed by Ron Grosso of Grosso Aircraft. Ron has always liked open cockpit flying and after building two Corby Starlets and a Pober Junior Ace, he decided to design and build his own design. It took him 6 months from start to finish to build.

The Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane debuted at Oshkosh 1998. Prior to selling plans and parts for the Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane, Ron made a number of modifications and design improvements to the airframe, wings, gear and engine installation.

The Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane is a good old-fashioned airplane built like they used to be. Built with steel tube fuselage and tail, varnished wood wings, spars and ribs and covered in fabric.

The Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane was designed around the Type 1 VW engine. Use of any other engine will require the re-engineering by the builder and is not supported or recommended by Great Plains Aircraft.

The Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane was original sold by Grosso Aircraft. In May, 2004 Great Plains acquired the Easy Eagle Bi-Plane Plans.

The Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane Plans are CAD drawn (with a few hand drawn pages also) on 24 inch X 36 inch sheets. The plans include all available updates.

Example of CAD drawn plans page above.

The Affordable VW Powered Bi-Plane!

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