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Dear Prospective Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane Builder:

I want to thank you personally for considering the Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane aircraft as your potential project of choice. The Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane is an affordable, easy to build aircraft that combines standard aircraft construction methods, steel tubing, wood and fabric covering.

The 4130 steel tube fuselage is wide enough for 44 inch waist line and a 6 foot 3 inch pilot. The 300 pounds. useful load allows for a 228 pound pilot and 11 gallons of fuel. The low wing loading of 6.7 pounds. per square foot gives the Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane a low stall speed and great glide ratio.

The rugged aluminum 5/8 inch landing gear and 5 inch wheels provide for easy handling either on paved runways or grass strips. With the optional hydraulic brake upgrade, ground handling is superior.

If you have a short strip, the Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane is off and flying in only 300 feet and lands in about the same, thanks to the generous 105 square feet of wing area. Climbing at 900 feet per minute at sea level, the Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane will clear reasonable runway obstructions with ease.

The Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane is a Sport Pilot ready aircraft. With a stall at 45 mph or less, a cruise of 100 mph, low building time and simple straight forward construction, all combine to make the Easy Eagle Bi-Plane one of the best aircraft in the single place, affordable bi-plane market today.

And did we mention FUN? If you never flown an open cockpit bi-plane you do not know the fun you are missing. With the air rushing by your head, the leather helmet, goggles, and white scarf are definitely required! Having a superior roll rate and an airframe rated at plus 4 and minus 3 g-s the Easy Eagle Bi-Plane is capable of doing many sportsman aerobatic maneuvers.

Please take your time to study the enclosed information on the Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane. If you are looking for an affordable, unique, and easy to build aircraft that will provide years of fun at a minimum of expense, the Easy Eagle I Bi -Plane may be your next project.

Thank you,

Steve Bennett

The Affordable VW Powered Bi-Plane!

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