Sterba Prop Maintenance Instructions

The amount of maintenance required depends on the condition of your run-up area and how much weather the propeller is exposed to. If the aircraft is tied down outside in the weather it is necessary to have a propeller cover installed to prevent sunlight from deteriorating the finish. The cover should be made of a breathable material and cover all the prop right up to the spinner. Prop covers that meet this criteria are available from Sterba Props.

The urethane leading edge should prove very durable, however, high power run-ups over dirt or gravel will definitely pull debris up into the bade. It is best to pull the power back a bit when flying in rain to reduce the tip speed and erosion forces on the blade. Repairs to the urethane can be made with epoxy resin although it will not be as strong as the original material. Small quantities of the original urethane material are available from Sterba Props.

Any wood prop needs to be left in a horizontal position so that moisture does not collect in one blade. Should it be stored off the aircraft for an extended period of time, it is better off not in a heated house for the winter where the humidity gets very low. Please do not use any wax or cleaning material with silicone since any refinishing will be almost impossible to accomplish. Painting of the tips or sidetowards the pilot can be accomplished with enamel paint after light steel wooling of the finish. Please use an even amount of paint on each blade since the balance is very sensitive.

Do not run this propeller under water, your warranty will be void and besides, your canopy will probably leak!