Sterba Propellers are crafted from the finest materials available. Custom homebuilt propellers are made using:

Hard Maple, Northern Birch, and Cherry

laminated in our shop using Plastic Resin Glue under heated conditions for full cure. All wood is hand selected for the specific propeller to ensure proper grain structure.

Custom carving produces a propeller tailored to the needs of the aircraft and the owner to optimize performance. Blade angles are maintained to 1/4 degree and the thickness to .020" to promote smooth running and uniform performance. Balancing is begun during the rough carving and maintained throughout the final carve and finishing procedure. Standard leading edge protection is by Urethane insert for rain and sand erosion. This has proved to be the toughest material available for this purpose. Refinishing, re-pitching and reshaping is available on all props.

Many blade shapes are available to meet the customer needs:

The Sweptblade design has proved to be quite effective for the high-speed Volkswagen powered aircraft with its narrow tip reducing noise and promoting smooth operation.

Race profile has become standard on Continental and Lycoming powered high-speed homebuilts such as RV's, Mustangs and Long-EZ's. It's curved leading edge and relatively narrow tip have been effective in maintaining a relatively high takeoff RPM without over-speeding in flight.

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